Inmist Media House is a content creation house based out of Chilliwack, BC, Canada. If there is one thing the guys at Inmist love it’s expanding the skill set. Whether it be the craft filmmaking, a knot technique to use in the mountains, or a tool to better serve their clients; they are constantly evolving and making sure all aspect of the company are excelling. Having toured the globe on many different project you can be reassured that the Inmist team can hold their on in any given situation.


From full scale productions abroad to small scale sets, we comfortably guide our clients through the production process of concept planning to the final stages of getting their film out to the world. We understand that it takes more than just showing up with a camera to put an incredible piece of content so we make sure all the aspects of production are taken of such as booking transportation, working with talent, etc. You can never let the logistics get in the way of creating your vision.


We take pride in our ability to take our cinematic style and bring it into the outdoor world. The camera industry is rapidly growing and its important that we stay up to date working with some of the highest end cameras such as RED and Arri. Often our projects bring us across the world working in remote locations and in a lot of cases we believe in the power of keeping our gear lightweight and discreet allowing us to not get caught up with big setups but really focused on the visuals at hand.


Time-lapse can be a powerful tool that gives a new outlook tot he way we usually view movement. Sometimes it fits to place a few time-lapses in a film or have a film full dedicated to time-lapses, whatever the case we love long process that goes into a shot that usually only last a few seconds.


Stills photography is the root of what got Inmist into video. We always offer a stills package alongside our films. We find having quality stills gives the client more content and resources to further market their video.


Our editing studio based out Chilliwack, BC has all the tools and talent to bring together the final editing stages of any film. We handle the full process from ingestion, workflow, colour correction, sound design, scoring, and long term storage solutions. We take all steps serious to make sure no content is ever lost.


With and without cameras in our hands we have years experience in the mountains and a massive bank of shooting locations ready to be utilized.  It takes knowing what your doing to pull a production in conditions that are far less in than ideal. When it comes to shooting in the backcountry there is only so much planning you can and we have become confident in our ability to adapt almost any situation that comes our way.