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“Filmmakers. Explorers. Artists.” At Inmist, we believe life and adventure are two words born of the same raw material, the desire to live wholly and without regret. Through our lens we amplify the voices of those carving out their own unique story, the ones living true to the call, inspiring us all to pursue the extraordinary, wherever it may be hiding. Not all stories are found on top of the highest mountains or in the world record book so we aim to dig further and find the emotion in situations many wouldn’t predict.  We love working alongside our clients to share their stories and maximize the potential of their products. Located outside Vancouver BC in the town of Chilliwack, we are blessed with the highest caliber of wild outdoors. Whether working or not, that’s where you can find us.

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RJ was born and raised in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia surrounded by some of the worlds most pristine wilderness. His love for film grew simultaneously with his itch for adventure and the idea that he could blend these two passions into one has developed into what Inmist is today. RJ believes that storytelling is the most important aspect of filmmaking, “solid visuals are great, but a meaningful story has the ability to change lives”. When he is not on a shoot or editing in the office, RJ can be found off in the mountains riding his mountain bike or floating down the river scheming up the next big idea.

With a deep love for solid relationships, Dawson is the ‘yes man’ that never turns down a call for a good ol’ fashioned adventure. With a skateboard in one hand and a few rolls of film in the other, Dawsons creative journey started at the skate spots of Winnipeg shooting lifestyle film photography with his friends. After moving back to BC in 2013 for his sweetheart Bonnie, Dawson traded in his skateboard for a wetsuit and a river snorkel and started soaking in all knowledge of everything outdoor adventure related from the people around him. Dawson has an exceptional ability of bringing stories to life through still images but beyond that he specializes in managing client relationships and making sure all the pieces of each production are in place.

If you were to ask Josiah what his favourite part about filmmaking is he would tell you “its all about inspiration”. Whether that means watching someone else’s short filming and instantly imagining yourself surfing waves in the arctic or creating content with the intention of affecting peoples lives in a positive way, inspiration is the key motivator behind Josiah as a creator. Josiah grew up in Langley, British Columbia where he spent his early years exploring the outdoors getting his much needed dose of adventure. Those experiences later becoming a fuel for his greatest passions of film and photography.

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RJ Bruni

Co-Founder, Creative Director, Editor, Photographer

Dawson Friesen

Co-Founder, Producer, Photographer

Josiah Barkowsky

Assistant Editor, Camera Operator

Adam Combs

Editor, Photographer

Work With Our Team

Our job is about human connection and collaboration. That means working alongside our clients to truly understand how we can best tell the most authentic and engaging narrative possible. From commercial work, to short film’s and full length documentary’s, the story is always our driving factor. Once we have the preliminary framework in place its our job to see the client right through to the final product and ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey. Not only will they have been immersed in the production experience but ultimately have created a world class product they can not only be proud of, but can share with the world.